How to REALLY level up fast in FrontierVille?!???

If you really are wanting to level up fast in FrontierVille, ALWAYS accept the gifts that show in your timeline.  In this case I got 15 XP for doing nothing.  If you friends scare a bear, even if you are not neighbors, they can net you 50 XP.  Remember to check your friends wall as you can also get some smaller gifts there too.

3 thoughts on “How to REALLY level up fast in FrontierVille?!???

  1. Getting items from your wall is a great idea. This is sometimes called riding the wall and some useful items like spitballs, ink wells, nails as well as xp and food can be gained. With the new varmint cannon missions release the wall also provides the elusive Prairie Piles too! There is a useful facebook app that lists all your available bonuses for the game on one page (rather than having to find them in the middle of all other wall posts, search on facebook for frontierville bonus.

  2. Thanks for helping to complete the the last tasks and the building projects. I wil be glad to assist you with any supplies you need to complete yours jobs,and to get started farming.

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