Free Farm Town Cash – How you get it

Remember you get 1 Farm Town Cash for each level you reach.  Some things in Farm Town can only be bought with Farm Cash.

According to the Official Farm Town Slashkey forums:

Each time you level-up in the game you will be awarded with 1FC for free. This means if you have never spent FarmCash and you are at level 33 of the game, you will have at least 33FC on the game.

You can see your FC by looking at the counter which is right under your coins counter.

5 thoughts on “Free Farm Town Cash – How you get it

    • yes you should have more than 31 farm cash when you at level 66. each level you will get one farm cash for free i hope this comment will help you good luck

  1. i am in need of 100 farm cash dollars, they have brought out new facilities & tools. i need to upgrade my tools & don’t have the farm dollars to do it. can you help me

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