A bunch of updates for Farm Town rolled into one big post…

All coming from the slashkey forum

More Pizzas:
Pepperoni Pizza ( get pepperoni as gift from friends )
Ham Pizza ( get ham as gift from friends )
Hawaian Pizza ( get ham as gift from friends )

Publish to wall to get these gifts is just an option, not required.

More Juices:
Tomato Juice
Cranberry Juice

New Icecream Factory (in coins)
Chocolate Ice cream
Strawberry Ice cream
Coffee Ice cream ( for now, get ground coffee as gift from friends )
Mango Ice cream
Pineapple Ice cream
Coconut Ice cream

You can now send several ingredients to your friends for them to use in their facilities, which includes eggs, milk, chocolate liquor, ham, pepperoni, sugar, flour and boxes with different fruits (already harvested).

Several items on the gift page were moved to the store.

Increased productivity of the Chocolate Liquor Facility, it produces now 40 Units per hour instead of 20.

Each Fuel tank you receive as gift now provides you with 300 Fuel units instead of 100.

When you send flowers as gifts to friends they comes now in batches of 5.

The Crops and Trees sections on the store now shows the level at which the crop or tree is unlocked.

1. To buy the 3rd Farm, you need to have the 2nd Farm already

2. You can buy the 3rd farm in:

a. Farm Cash: 40 Farm cash for a 12×12 farm and 20 Farm cash for each additional upgrade. Notice this is 50% cheaper compared to when we launched the 2nd farm. Also, remember you can earn some Farm cash for free daily by installing the application of the day on the ‘Earn coins’ tab on the top right.

b. Coins: 1000000 coins for a 12×12 farm, but you need to have at least 30 neighbours

They also added 20 additional levels, all the way up to 80!

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