The “new” top 5 crops to plant in Farm Town!

I am still missing two values on crops, but right now it looks like the five best options to plant are:


One thought on “The “new” top 5 crops to plant in Farm Town!

  1. Here are the top 20. To get the best xp and coins per day, choose the first available crop from this list that you will be able to harvest within half of its rot time.

    Raspberry 2hr
    Beets 4
    Grapes 4
    Basil 8
    Squash 8
    Rosemary 60
    Sugarcane 12
    Pineapple 60
    Blackberry 40
    Blueberry 60
    Sage 20
    Asparagus 12
    Pepper 40
    Eggplant 20
    Carrot 40
    Onions 60
    Cabbage 20
    Broccoli 80

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