How to make a waterfall in Farm Town

12 thoughts on “How to make a waterfall in Farm Town

  1. I’ve seen something on Farm Town that I’d like to do… Two houses connected together (side to side) where it looks like one big house…



  2. I have been working on the waterfall of yours (It’s great !) Some how I can’t move a piece of the dirt path & also a piece of the water. I’ve tried to refresh, but no luck..can you help ??

  3. hi, i tried the waterfall it looks great, i done it so its running into a pool usin 4 river corners at the bottom, thanks

  4. I saw a farm that had a beach with sand. I know pieces of river was used, but I cannot get the rivers pieces to fit together to look like waves. There is space between them. Can you help? I am so frustrated and my farm is torn apart waiting for me to figure this out.

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