Free Farm Town Cash!

Farm Town Cash

Farm Town Cash

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Depending on you level in Farm Town, you will notice now that Slaskhey has added your FarmCash to your account.

117 thoughts on “Free Farm Town Cash!

  1. They give you FarmCash based on what level you are on. You can buy stuff with it they have restricted to FarmCash. Stuff you cannot buy with coins.

  2. How do you even get 29 farm cash???? what lvl you half to be ?? cause i tryed to get the 29 farm cash but never told me how to get it …… any one know how to get that 29 farm cash cheats? if so please coment

  3. You get 5 cash for start, then 1 for every level up. so 29 farm cash means the person was at level 24. they did this retroactively.

    • That is strange because I am a level 55 and I onlly have 22 farm cash and have never bought anything with them I am aware of..I would think I would remember this.

  4. It seems not right that we have to pay real money for “farm Cash”,fake money to get things on these games. Can it not be changed so that we can “trade” coins for “farm Cash”? I am trying to get a 2nd farm on “Farm Town”, and the way it is now, it may take ten years to get enough coins and points to get it. The $120 Farm Cash value would be a faster way, but I am not going to pay real money to buy “fake” farm cash. Please try to make it a little faster and easier on the players so we don’t get disgusted with these good games. Thanks

  5. serously why do you stupid people have to make it so difecult to get cheat codes for farmtown just put it on the internet you dont have to sell them cause some people cant afford it and if not everybody can have those cheats than i say no one can

  6. I would love to goet more farm cash as I am at level 80 & cant get any more via levels. please don’t make it too difficult as I am not good with codes.


  7. lol i dont know what to do? I have not recieved my cash but i am not sure if i am suposed to do something to get it?

    • You get Farm Cash for each level you advance. The more friends you have and the more you plant and harvest, the quicker you move up levels!

  8. could you tell me how to get farmtown cash without buying it…I really want t get something but need 32 farmcash…can you help me plz…thanks for your help and your time…

  9. ok everyons asking ? whos gonna answer them
    i need some farm cash but dont want to put real money into a facebook game

  10. i wish for a plower 4×4 solar powerd. or a log truck 8×4 with chainsw or a flower harvester 8×4.

  11. How do you get free farmtown cash? Is there a way to get unlimited amounts of it? I need 60 to get the tools I need.

  12. I’m very interested in free FTC since I think it’s ridiculous to spend real $$ for this. Thanks!!

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