Farm Town Cash: You don’t have to pay to play…

I haven’t written anything up yet on the changes made a few days ago to Farm Town, but the biggie is Farm Town Cash.

20 thoughts on “Farm Town Cash: You don’t have to pay to play…

  1. Several of my neighbors started out with $5 farm town cash, but somehow earned an extra $1. Do you have any info on this? At least 3 neighbors told me this independently.

  2. So those of us who were already at a high level won’t be able to earn much FT cash since we can only get to level 34.

  3. Well its nice to know where the extra dollar came from. I do like the topiary….but somehow I can’t see myself buying cash to buy imaginary things like stables for my horses…I don’t mind working and I love meeting others at Market or the Tavern to chat…
    Should be some other way to earn cash…especially for those who have worked so long to get to level 34….

    • I agree, Donna. I was at level 31 when it started, so at least I’ll be able to earn $3., but that sure doesn’t go very far. If Farm Town wants to maintain its users and therefore its ad revenue, maybe they will consider giving a one-time bonus to long time users. As far as I’m concerned, the initial $5. was just a tease and without a good option for earning the cash, its just going to stay where it is.

  4. what happened to the additional retroactive dollars that those of us at level 34 are supposed to get?? None of my farmer friends at the higher levels have seen anything beyond the original $5.00….why are we being penalized for working hard and successfully achieving the top level?????

  5. nicole, u got 34 i think because once you level up from the time it was release, they will give you the appropriate rewards for your past level ups… i had $5 when i was on level 32, i completed an offer for 2 farmcash and when i level up to 33, i got $37.. i bought a lake! now my farm is like a waterpark! lolz

  6. by the way, i forgot to tell u i completed several offers and before i level up, i had $1, coz i bought a swan hedge,,,but i think i got all the farm cash which i deserve 🙂

  7. So is there a way to get free farm cash without having to buy it? I know I get it when I level but good lord there is not enough levels to buy what you need.

  8. i have been playing this game over 2 years.i never have enough f t cash to buy what i want.i purchased some but still couldnt get all i wanted for my at level 212 now and still dont have enough.what can i 73 years old and i dont like to pay for something i want to play any games.

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