Some major changes to Farm Town on Facebook – Plow 4 plots at once!

Plowing Farm Town

Plowing Farm Town

Well, what a lot of people have been asking for has been introduced on Farm Town on Facebook.

You can now plow 1, 2, or 4 plots at a time, as you can see at the left.

4 thoughts on “Some major changes to Farm Town on Facebook – Plow 4 plots at once!

  1. I love how they implemented this new feature, it makes the game so much more pleasant to play. I can imagine that they were motivated to put these in after Farmville had the feature and was giving them a little run for their money.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but if I que up more than 2 plots to plow at a time, I don’t get XPs. For example, if I click 10 at once, I get 1 XP for the 1st one but nothing for the other 9. Sure it makes it faster, but if your not getting the XP, what is the point? Especially irritating when people hire you and several others to plow and they all click away on 50 spots at once (and prob have no idea why they aren’t moving up a level so fast)and I appear like the slow I need my pts.

  3. on farm town i used to do the 4 plots at once and it made them all touching togeher so i could get more stuff in my farm but now that had gone how do i get it back?

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