What is best to plant?

If you have not seen this spreadsheet, you better check it out:


That’s why I plant onions…

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11 thoughts on “What is best to plant?

  1. Heres what I get using the info from the excel file you posted:
    Sorted by Experience Points:

    Crop name: Exp. Pts. per plot for Plowing and Planting per hour [6]
    Raspberry 1.5
    Grapes 0.75
    Potato 0.15
    Strawberry 0.15
    Watermelon 0.15
    Cabbage 0.15
    Tomato 0.075
    Rice 0.075
    Wheat 0.075
    Peas 0.075
    Carrot 0.075
    Pepper 0.075
    Corn 0.05
    Sunflower 0.05
    Coffee 0.05
    Onions 0.05
    Blueberry 0.05
    Pineapple 0.05
    Cotton 0.0375
    Pumpkin 0.0375

  2. Yeah, it’s capped at 60. Got a couple of friends who were instantly 60 when the new changes too effect and still play just to check out the new toys. I’m almost at 51.

    I regularly plant all of the new seeds and leave room to rotate through the older ones that don’t see a lot of play anymore.

    The second farm is cool, but be aware that you are a bit handicapped if trying to plant while another farm is being harvested. If both farms need to be harvested, better to wait till it’s all done and plowed before planting otherwise it’ll take forever. Try it and you’ll see what I mean 🙂


  3. I have a empty field bcuz I heard that certain crops give you alot of $ and EXP. points.To fill me in would be appreciated.THANX!!CYA!!

    • I need to check, but I have a couple of friends on level 80, so they must have made some changes I haven’t published yet.

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